Here you can caricaturise in a scene a person or a happening after your own liking, either exagerating some features as in the default caricature, or by making realistic copy of a picture and an accurate drawing, as close as possible to the real life character. You must specify what type of scene/portrait you desire, and if it is a caricature, the degree to witch we can caricaturise the character./p>

        You must send us high quality pictures with the persons, details about them and maybe the place or surroundings where you would want to place the drawing. The more information you send us, the more the scene will better match your expectations…

        A scene-like work is very similar to a press caricature, the focus being on the action or on the surroundings, more than on the characters. Their portrait will not be as detailed as one from a specific order of PORTRAITS, but the resemblance to the character you want portraited will not dissapear. If you want a combination of the 2, please contact us so we can set up another size for the drawing

        After we and the artist finish the drawing, you will receive on your email address a protected image just like in the WORK EXAMPLE page, and if you are happy with the quality of our work, you will pay it and receive it after that.