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In today's equity update we take a deeper look at Europe's energy markets and what the impact is on industry and households from these rapidly rising energy prices. More importantly for European equities the trend could set in motion a margin squeeze for companies and thus a negative outlook surprise when Q3 earnings are released in October and November.

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Europe, but to some extent the US, is undergoing an energy shock right with galloping electricity and energy prices.

A combination of low inventories of natural gas combined with lower than normal production from crypto invest ag, wind, and hydro, is causing prices to soar and just as winter is fast approaching.

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The combined effect is higher imports of coal to increase the baseload on the European grid, but these fossil fuels come with higher costs due to rising carbon emission prices in Europe sitting at their all-time highs. Back in the Yellow Vest movement in France was a response to higher fuel prices and back then it sparked a discussion about the feasibility of the transition to clean energy. Source: Bloomberg In the EU there are discussion about a new fuel taxation system shifting the focus away from volume to that of content penalizing fossil fuels except natural gas in an acknowledgement that natural gas will play a crucial role in the transition to a net zero carbon emission economy.

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Natural gas supplies to Europe is dependent on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia which has just been finalized and the Nord Stream 2 AG consortium needs to be approved by the EU as an independent pipeline operator.

The volatile energy markets in Europe has also recently caused bankruptcies among UK energy traders and yesterday a Danish energy trading firm filed for bankruptcy.

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Selected manufacturing industries and Eastern Europe are paying the price The key question amid rapidly rising electricity and energy prices is to what extent it impacts households, industries, and ultimately equity markets.

The EU Commission does a major energy report on the Crypto invest ag every second year with the latest from late The median electricity bill as percentage of median income is 3.

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Countries such as Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands have the lowest electricity bill, whereas countries such as Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Romania, and Croatia have the highest bills making Southern and Eastern Europe the biggest losers from rising electricity bills.

But the current development in electricity prices is taking household income away from other parts of the economy such as the consumer goods and services sectors.

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Energy is essentially a tax. The Spanish government has just announced caps on gas prices and redirecting excess profits in the utility sectors in a clear sign that the current prices is a losing case for the sitting government. The EU Commission report shows that the sectors most impacted by rising electricity prices are plastics, non-ferrous metals, and computer and electronics, and rising gas prices hit glass production, refractory products, clay building materials, and porcelain and ceramics.

So the current developments will squeeze profits for building materials, but in the short-term lower interest rates are driving pricing power and demand in construction and thus the rising costs are likely just passed on for now.

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This also explains why the equity market is relaxed. The latest numbers from Q1 suggests that Eurozone wages are at 2. Source: Bloomberg Is the profit crypto invest ag squeeze just around the corner?


With higher electricity and energy prices combined with wage pressure on a level not seen since in Europe, the question is whether a profit margin squeeze will brew over the coming quarters.

The current net profit margin in Europe is currently 8.

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This means that European earnings growth will be tougher without more nominal growth and the probability is thus rising for earnings disappointments. In terms of timing we do not think Q3 earnings will show this pressure, but we expect companies to address the issue in their outlook and potentially set in motion a negative sentiment on equities around earnings releases in October and November.

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