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Etrade bank online

etrade bank online

If you want to be safe, always check the certificate and verify the fingerprint Why do you think it is important or even useful to check the certificate manually? What are you verifying the fingerprint against?

Instead, you should look for a lock icon and the correct site before typing sensitive information.

etrade bank online

An all https connection provides some protection against DNS compromise through the hostname check, although all that results in a security warning. If there are -any- http requests before the http one, the active attacker can modify those at their leisure to direct the user wherever they like.

Making the login page https just delays the inevitable shift in tactics by a month or two.

etrade bank online

And as pointed out, most of these sites have a secure login page available a an option, but how are you getting there? From a etrade bank online on an http page? In that case an active attacker never even allows you to get to the banks website.

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Checking the certificate would verify that your connection is https, and that you are connected to the website you think you are, assuming you had the fingerprint from some secure offline means. But how many banks have a number where you can call and get their certificate fingerprint?

etrade bank online

How many even have infrastructures that just use one single certificate. Phishers have been wildly successful through javascript image maniuplation at faking secure sites.

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Modifying the URL to appear correct when it is not, adding a lock icon to the status bar. Going to the actual certificate and verifying that everything looks to be in order avoids those attacks.

In the end, all of these scenarios require active interference with the network stream.

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In those scenarios, it would probably be a lot easier to just install a keysniffer on a bunch of the systems in question. If you are worried about it, then your only safe recourse is etrade bank online memorize your banks https login url and always type it straight into a known-secure computer.

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But how can we ever get end users to get to that point? Rob Meyer June 3rd, at pm Sorry to soapbox; there is a lot we agree on here.

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